Friday, July 14, 2006

Ovvaru Pookalume

Song : Ovvaru Pookalume
Movie : Autograph
Singer : Chitra
Language : Tamil

Download the Song

Thankyou so much, Anil, for creating and sharing this track with me:)


anil bs said...

hai sri
nice.... very good
pitch is ok?...if u want to make it a little lower.pls inform me.
if u send the voice track seperate.. i will mix it and send it to you.

anil bs

Murali Venkatraman said...

Anil chetta,

The karaoke track is fantastic. BTW I talked to josEttan about you. He asked me to pass his regards. I am going to make a website for him soon.


In my opinion, it has a large number of impressive phrases interpsersed with some run-of-the-mill phrases. When I hear "maname maname" aft erh firs charanm is over, I sense fear in your voice. May be you were conscious of your pronunciation. And as anil observed this song is not in your range of delivery. In future renditions please make sure you sing at a comfortable pitch. As usual your positive point is the bhaavam. You are very good in capturing that.

Murali Venkatraman said...


I am listening to Kaise paheli. Superb work ! You are a total natural in jazzy bluesy songs ! ONce again - awesome job !

Murali Venkatraman said...

Kaatril endhan geetham:

In attempting this song, coming out unscathed with minimum bruises itself is an achievement in my opinion. A msterclass from IR-SJ stable, it showcases all the great qualiteis that SJ is known for. The emotiveness, immaculate delivery of notes, extensive range and much more - can just rant on.

You have not only come unbruised but have done it with flying colors. I am surprised why you got constrained singing the high notes of ovvoru pookkaLumE a little. Well bad day I guess. In Kaatril endham geetham - you did a fabulous job. Kudos.

Murali Venkatraman said...

Kaatril varum geethame:

substituing for all the voices is a brisk experiment. However I must tell you I could hear occassional off notes in this song. But that is just a teeny little bit in the largely hugely impressive and expressive rendition. You have a very good future vidya.

Srividya Kasturi said...

Thanks Murali, Will work on these aspects:) Thanks for listening to the other songs as well...

Barani said...

Wonderful Rendition Vidya !!

As Anil and Murali had already pointed out, you didn't sound very comfortable singing in this pitch.

My friends listened to it and they liked it a lot too.


madhavan kutty said...

Very well sung and you have done justice to the "bhava" of this National Award Winning song. An occ strain in the pitch - especially initially - was mostly overcome second time around.
Overall, an excellent performance.

madhavan kutty

Anand said...

hi srividhya,

came here from murali's blog.. loved all the songs... way to go.. will frequent ur website...