Monday, July 17, 2006

Allah Tero Naam

Song : Allah Tero Naam
Movie : Hum Dono
Singer : Lata Mangeshkar
Track : Taranaa

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Barani said...

Mellifluous rendition, I would rate this as your best. I listened to this first thing in the morning. Soothing, Excellent Bhavam, Kalakitte.!!

Vidyu said...

That was lovely Vidya...enjoyed!

Soumitra said...

Such a difficult song and well sung Vidya. Work a bit on hitting the high notes :)

madhavan kutty said...

Well sung and has captured the essence of the original. A certain tentativeness crept in at places, but does not take away the beauty of the overall presentation.
Keep'em coming......
best wishes

madhavan kutty

Kiranz..!! said...

Good rendition kasturi..! First time am hearing this song,really liked the peace of this song,you have given the right effect for the voice.Update me about your blogupdations..!!

Jonh Neo said...

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Pradip Somasundaran said...

Vidya, very good singing with good bhava....your strong point. But I felt voice was not in the best condition. Seems muffled and constrained at some parts.You seem to be holding your voice at some parts. Try to sing such songs with full throated singing.You will get better results.

Srividya Kasturi said...

Bharani, Vidyu, Soumitra, Madhavan,John, Pradip, Kiran,

Thanks a lot for ur encouraging words and valuable inputs:)

Meera Manohar said...

Nice brigas!!

Very good rendition barring the points others have already pointed out... Kudos :)

Divya.S.Menon said...

good job.....though i have not listened to the original version have listened Vidyu sing it and now you.....excellent ...I liked it a have got a good voice

Unknown said...

how to download such an excellent song. there is no link to download this song. would u help me in downloading this song. I have been searching this song on the net but i didn't find downloading