Saturday, November 25, 2006

A Kannada Duet


When Ramesh approached me with this lovely Kannada Song, Tanavu Manavu, I was so happy that I readily accepted the challenge of singing in a language that I had never tried before. I was even more thrilled when I was told that Soumitra was going to sing this duet with me :) I am so thankful to Ramesh for helping us come out with a pleasing result as far as diction, expressions go :)

You can all listen to this song at Soumitra's blog by clicking here. Please do let us know what you thought of our effort :)

Soumitra, it has always been a pleasure singing with you and I am so thankful to you for mixing the song 'n' number of times before we got the final nod from Ramesh :)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Pyar Hua Chupke Se

Song : Pyar Hua Chupke Se..
Movie : 1942 - Love Story
Music : R D Burman
Singer : Kavitha Krishnamurthy

Download the song here

Please also do listen to the duet , Tu Jo Mere Sur Mein , from Chitchor originally sung by Yesudas and Hemlatha, I have attempted with Pradip on his blog. I thank Pradip for giving me an opportunity to try out this beautiful song :)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Chalo Tumko Lekar

Song : Chalo Tumko
Singer : Shreya Ghosal
Movie : Jism
Music : Kreem M M

Another one of my favourites !

Download the song here

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Konjam Mynaakale

Song : Konjam Mynaakale
Movie : Kandukonden Kandukonden
Singer : Sadhana Sargam
Music : A. R. Rahman
Language : Tamil

I have attempted a Tamil song after a long gap..:) Please listen to it at ur convenience.

Download the Song