Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Ooru Sanam

Song : Orusanam
Movie : Mella tirandudu Kadavu
Singer : S Janaki
Track : Cool Toad
Language : Tamil

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anil bs said...

hai sri...
nice......good expressions.......voice is too loud...i think if it is alittle low it will become more sweet...

anil bs

Barani said...

Hey Nalla paadi irukke !!This sounded great to me!! I never bothered to compare it with the original one..

Given the ease with which you bringout those Gamakams, IMHO I feel that you should take up more challenging compostions..


Srividya Kasturi said...

Thanks Anil and Barani for giving me prompt f/bs time to time:)

I too felt the voice was loud, as I was trying to drown the music( it is not a karaoke in the true sense, it is an instrumental track)
I will repost the song when I get a chance:)
Do suggest some challenging compositions, I will try to sing and post them if successful:-)
Thanks again,


ann said...

wow!! this is a fav. song of mine have sung it very well .. Good Job. :0).

Murali Venkatraman said...


Fantastic ! You have become one of my favorites after this. I am recommending you to some composer friends of mine. And if you are interested, we could work on some song together in the future.

The only pointer that you are going to need is on pronunciation and that too only very minor errors. That can be taken care.

you are indeed a very good singer. Please send me a mail and also include me inyour blgo update list.

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled upon this page from some other blog,but glad I did.Nice selection of song and a pretty good expression-laden rendition. Keep it coming.

Jo said...

Hey Vidya, this is a nice song and your rendition is beautiful!

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Well done Srividya. Enjoyed the song. One of my favorites.

Harish Sivaramakrishnan said...

excellent singing, Sri vidya. if the voice levels were a little lower, could have been even better! Keep up the goood work!

Unknown said...

Did not understand a word and yet felt profoundly affected by your rendition. Nice singing! You did take care of fine modulations very well. Job well done!

Pradip Somasundaran said...

Extemely good rendition with all bhava!
But I have some small suggestions I.M.H.O

1) As the others have pointed out the volume is too loud on your voice.Please keep a little more away from mic. Your voice is also muffled a little due to this which makes your words unclear.
2) At some places you get carried away in giving expression and at such places your voice goes out of control and is a little bit flat/sharp. So practice to control your voice to remain stable even when you give expressions.
3) Please use a player to play the songs online....many people do not like to wait till the download is over!
here is a good simple player you can use...

Once again this was a very good selection!

Srividya Kasturi said...

Ann, Murali, Jo, Khan Sahab, Pradip, Vijay, Narayanan
Thankyou so much for listening and giving me f/b.
Pradip, ur tips are quite valuable, will work on them, hopefully, u shall see some progress on my next upload:-)

Thanks again,


Pradip Somasundaran said...


Did you mention the song bhaaghe in any post? I think it was not formally posted? This is the best rendition of your's so far with everything right about it! Expression, voice..
Please tweak the player. the second entry in the playlist is of the service provider. Edit the XSPF file to remove that.
Also use a single player for each song. This will simplify the use for the visitors. this was pointed out by Murali for me.

Pradip Somasundaran said...


Just a few more suggestions. Please remove the auto play and scrolling feature of the player. Also change the mic that you use soon :-)
With that extremely good singing in the bhaaghere song I am tempted to ask you to do it soon! Your hindi is!

Himalayan Hermit said...

Outstanding voice. I don't know Tamil, but still great to hear. And the music is too good. I'm; just going to take my Guitar and learn the Intro :)

priti said...

Hi Srividya....came across your blogspot..all the songs were good...this one is one of my all time favorites...I m new to audiobloggin n I have sung this song (a non karaoke version)...pls listen to it when you have the time and leave your comments