Saturday, July 18, 2009

Oru Murai With Pradip Somasundaram

Song : Oru Murai
Singers : K J Yesudas and K S Chitra
Music : M G Radhakrishnan
Movie : Manichitrathazha

I am very happy to present this song with Pradip Somasundaram who was the first person to learn this song from M.G Radhakrishnan and the first person to sing this song along with the live orchestra at Kodandapani Studio (S.P.B’s own studio at Saligramam). He had to sing this in a single take from start to end as he was singing for the orchestra to prapare the track. Later Chitra and K.J.Y dubbed their voices.
You can hear that very first original take here

And one more fact. “Ouseppachan” the famous Malayalee composer played violin along with the 30 member violinist group in all the songs for this film.And it was L. Vaidyanathan (from L.Shankar, L.Subramaniam, L.Vaidyanathan trio) who set the background music for the songs in the film. M.G Radhakrishnan just tuned the songs!!!

Special thanx to NVK sir for passing me the K Track:)

Oru Murai With Pradip Somasundaram | Online recorder


Unknown said...

I like the attitude you adopted for the song. Shows great confidence and style! Awesome expressions! I could almost visualize the song while listening.

Pradip ki kya baat hai ... his voice is as soothing with a healing affect as a "river flowing calmly on nice summer day"!

Loved it!

Dinesh Pithia said...

Awesome! Absolute pleasant and soothing. Gives a sheer delight listening your flawless expressive singing. Interesting written intro and Pradip, what can I were outstanding...liked your live recording. Very well done!

Vidyu said...

Excellent singing! :)
Vidya - Not surprised u picked this! :)

Prabhu Ananthanarayanan said...

i liked the rendition of you both.good job..

Anonymous said...

Well, just peeped into your blog and find it too interesting, you have a very sweet voice and of course singing with Pradip is always a pleasure.
Thanks for posting and it is really a treat to my ears. Good Luck.
Dr. Priya Rajan