Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A Devotional Song and a Hindi Duet


Some of you might already know that I am blessed with a sweet and naughty Krish who came into my life, last November. Life has been busy ever since :)

This year,I was encouraged by my in-laws to come up with a devotional album called ' Sri Venkatesha Gana Ratna Pushpanjali ' released privately on the eve of my brother-in-law's wedding held in April.

I present to you one of my favourite songs from the collection, set in Kanakaangi Raagam. The music is composed by Shri. Kannan and the lyrics by Shri. Durgabala.

I also present to you a hindi duet supported by Soumitra Sarkar who is so musically popular in the blogging community.

Song : O Saathi Re
Movie : Omkara
Music : Vishal Bharadwaj
Original Singers : Shreya Ghoshal & Vishal Bharadwaj
Singers : Srividya & Soumitra

Please do listen at your convenience and drop in your valuable suggestions.


Deblina M. said...

Vidya ... AWESOME !!!! Loved both your songs. It was sooo good to hear from you after such a long time.

Soumitra was very good too.

Best Wishes,

Anonymous said...

Hi Vidya,

don't understand the language of the first song but loved O saathi re. very well sung by both of you! will visit again!

Best wishes,
Ananya Sharma

Awatts said...

Well done Vidya! Congrats on the new addition...Krish..

Well sung on the devotional album..way to go...

On a musical note said...

Loved your original song;the composition,arrengement and singing....keep it up.'Sathi re' also has turned out to be nice.

Unknown said...


It is good to have you back to the blog world.

You have done an excellent job with both songs.

Hope to hear you more often from now on.

Murali Venkatraman said...

Vidya - Welcome back. I thought you had given up music for good :-)

Best wishes for your album's success. the rendition of oh saathi re by both of you was very pleasant.

Vidyu said...

first off, congratulations!!! and welcome back! :) I am sure Krish was quite an inspiration to get back to singing :)
superb singing! loved ur "kaarmegha varnan" the beginning veena piece is beautiful..brings out the devotional feeling :)

O Saathire sounds so much like the original! I'd never heard it until u told me about it :) Ur voice sounds very sweet..perfect for this song :)
Soumitra, great singing, as usual! :) You both sound awesome together :)

Deepak Roy Chittajallu said...

Firstly .... congrats on the new addition in ur life and the album :)

Its really nice to hear u sing after such a long time .....

Enjoyed both the renditions ....

Keep Singing :)



Bhavana said...

Congrats Vidya! Good to have you back !You sound even more beautiful now!
O Sathi Re was superb!.Soumitra was great too!


Vishal Khaparde said...

Hey Vidya,

Soo good to hear from you ! Congrats on your album and the new addition ..Krish :-) ..Loved both the songs ..Soumitra has done a good job as usual ..:-)


Dhiraj said...

Wow absolutely loved the devotional number, your voice just flows, coming to Oh Sathi Re, its an awesome composition by Vishal and one of my favourites from the movie. Both of you have done full justice to it. Congrats on the new addition to your life.

Soumitra said...

Vidya - congrats on your new album and ofcourse the new addition to your family :)

Thanx all for listening and leaving your generous comments for the O Saathi Re song :) Really appreciated :)

Parasmani said...

Congratulations....enjoy your little bundle of joy!
Well done, both songs are lovely.

Srinivasan said...

Hi Vidya, 09-07-2008

Oh Saati re is so captivating and soulfull."Krmega varnan" has such a meditative content that just to hear it is enough to feel the Divine Presence!I know for certain Krish will inspire you to greater heights.

Ever your admiring dad.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vidya,
Best wishes for the proud parents and the baby Krish and the release of the new album!
Excellent to hear you from after a very long long time. Listened to both the song. Well done on both. Enjoyed listening to them.

Keep Singing ... me listening,

Unknown said...

Wonderful singing ...congrats on your album.

WHO SATHI RE - was just so good ..both you and Soumitra were just awesome !

Srividya Kasturi said...

Dear all, thankyou so much for stopping by my blog and taking time to listen and comment on the songs.

I thank Soumitra for helping me out with the duet. He has done an excellent job both in singing and mixing...

Thanx again :)


kayesem said...

Hi Srividya,
Both your Tamil and Hindi duet songs have been rendered excellently. Keep it up.

priti said...

Vidya....Welcome back....Good to hear you after a long time :)

Sindhuja Bhakthavatsalam said...

I've never taken ragas like Kanakangi /Ratnangi/ Ganamurthi seriously (:P) but this was really well done. The veena was really good.
Best wishes for the success of the album.

O saathi was just fantastic on the renditional level (both of u) but ur voice kinda sounds a lil muffled (I hear a separate 'metallic' noise along with ur voice)- mixing problem?

Rajesh Raman said...

Kanakangi lterally brought tears onto my eyes... Hats Off !

Anonymous said...

Well done Vidya! Congrats on the new addition.

dhiren buch said...

Hello Vidyaji

This is Dhiren Buch from USA . First time came across your blog while searching for O saathi re song . You have done a great job .
One request , how can i get karaoke for O saathi Re song .

Please respond .


Dhiren Buch - Los Angeles